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Sambora may face child endangerment charges

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – Following his arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence Tuesday night, Richie Sambora could also be facing child endangerment charges, Access Hollywood has learned.

A woman and two girls were passengers in the car, said Laguna Beach police Sgt. Jason Kravetz, who declined to release their names. But Celebrity Web site reports that a police source said Sambora’s 10-year-old daughter with ex-wife Heather Locklear, Ava, was in the car with him.

The 48-year-old Bon Jovi guitarist was given field sobriety tests and arrested without incident. He was booked at the Laguna Beach jail and released at 4 a.m., Kravetz said Wednesday.

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Wearing a cast over an injured arm, Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall appeared in court Monday to ask for a continuance in his DUI case.

Police say Marshall was pulled over in downtown Denver shortly after 2 a.m. on October 22, 2007. His arrest came hours after the Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-to-28 in Denver.

Marshall’s case was continued until June 18. Marshall’s legal defense filed a range of motions at Monday’s court appearance, including a challenge to the breathalyzer.

Marshall’s arm was in a cast and sling because he received stitches recently. Marshall says he suffered the injury from a fall into an entertainment center while on vacation in Orlando, Fla. The injury is not expected to keep him out of training camp in July.

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State releases St Patrick’s Day DUI figures


Saint Patrick’s Day turned sour for nearly 500 Colorado drivers. The Colorado State Patrol and 49 other law enforcement agencies arrested 488 people for driving under the influence of alcohol over the long holiday weekend.

Between 6:00 last Friday and 3:00 Tuesday morning, agencies across the state participated in a DUI crackdown.

There were no alcohol-related deaths during the weekend, compared to five such deaths over St Patrick’s weekend in 2007. Last year there were 363 DUI arrests during the same weekend.

People convicted of DUI face serious consequences, including potential jail time, the loss of their driver’s license, and other unanticipated expenses that can total more than $10,000.

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Proposal would put breathalyzers in bars

State lawmakers are considering legislation that would provide incentives for bar and restaurant owners to install breathalyzers in their establishments.A public hearing on the proposal, which would be one of the first of its kind in the nation, was held Friday before the legislature’s Judiciary Committee.

“It’s a very interesting idea,” said state Sen. Arthur O’Neill, R-Southbury, who serves as a ranking member on the committee. “It would provide some incentive for bar owners to have one of these devices and could reduce the likelihood that someone would drink and drive.”

The incentive would cut the maximum liability of a liquor permit holder from $250,000 to $100,000 in the event that a patron were to get into an accident while driving drunk.

The use of the breathalyzer would be voluntary for patrons, and the results could not be used in any criminal or legal proceedings.

“A bartender may tell a patron that they can’t have another drink unless they take the test,” O’Neill said. “Bartenders are supposed to be trained in observing if someone has had too much, but that can often be difficult when it’s really busy.”

The legislation would also require bar and restaurant owners with a liquor permit to post a sign that states they will arrange transportation, at the customer’s expense, for anyone who needs a ride home.

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A late-night traffic accident has left a Niles man alleging that Mishawaka police are lax in their enforcement of drunken-driving laws.The Mishawaka Police Department is responding by asking that doubters check its operating while intoxicated arrest record.

The incident in question started at 12:30 a.m. Feb. 25, when a driver crashed into the parked car of Jason Ward in front of Lan Lizards, 121 Lincoln Way West.

Ward, who works at Lan Lizards, said the man who crashed into his vehicle admitted to having been out drinking alcohol and was worried about being arrested.

Police were also aware that the man had been drinking — even citing the information in the accident report.

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DUI – Idiots Behind The Wheel

I had to share this funny YouTube video with you all. DUI suspect puts his head through a wall!

I recently had the opportunity to check out the AlcoHawk Pro. It’s a full-featured alcohol tester and works well. Included with the AlcoHawk Pro is everything you could need to test friends and family, or even use in certain professional settings. Approved as a DOT / NHTSA alcohol screening device (that’s a good approval to have, in my estimation), the AlcoHawk includes a carrying case, battery, 50 reusable mouthpieces and a 12V car adapter. Well, isn’t that handy?

It’s a sharp-looking, streamlined device that’s fits very comfortably in the user’s hand. The bright display is clear in both full-light and low-light settings. Testing is simple – power on the unit (there’s only one button – duh!), wait 20 seconds as the tester warms up, blow a strong breath for 5 seconds, and wait a few more seconds for your result. On a recent Saturday night, I had two beers over 40 minutes or so, waited 20 minutes as indicated by the instructions (so that no alcohol residue in my saliva would affect the test result) and took a test. My result – 0.04 %BAC, which is right in line with where it should have been, considering my consumption. Several friends tried the AlcoHawk Pro as well, and it’s results seemed to be dead-on.

One caveat – when testing multiple subjects, be aware that this tester requires a 2-minute cooldown period between tests. The AlcoHawk Pro includes several cool features – FlowCheck alerts you if the subject didn’t blow a strong enough breath, Sensor Recognition (SR) tells you if your tester is not working properly and requires service.

All in all, the AlcoHawk Pro is a well-equipped, accurate and good-looking device. Price is reasonable at $139.95.
AlcoHawk Pro Breathalyzer

Jury Awards $2.5M In Triple-DUI Wreck

This is an interesting case, and yet another example that illustrates the importance of being responsible about alcohol consumption. In 2006, a 23-year-old Chicago man driving under the influence, struck a vehicle while speeding at over 100 mph. Both the couple in the vehicle and the drunk driver were killed. The couple’s young daughters brought a suit against the clubs where the drunk driver had been served earlier in the evening. A jury awarded damages of $2.5 million, but because of dram shop liability laws, the award was limited to $67,000 per person, plus property damage and funeral costs. Full article

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