Law enforcement work daily to combat crimes that involve alcohol, drunken driving and underage drinking. Now there’s a new pill on the market that could throw off police officers and possibly hide an alcohol-related crime.

Anti-Poleez claims to be a mint that erases all traces of smells on your breath associated with alcohol and cigarettes.

Columbus police said that those who think they can drink and drive and fool police with the product are wrong. Police aren’t going to base a charge of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated on breath alone. They will pull drivers over for other actions like swerving and speeding.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety Investigative Unit worries that the product could hide kids’ illegal practices from their parents.

NBC 4 contacted the maker of Anti-Poleez. They said the name of the mint is meant to be controversial in order to create sales in the breath mint market — but in no way is it meant to condone illegal activity.

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