MILAN – Village of Milan residents and officials could soon be welcomed with a breathalyzer as they stroll into regular monthly meetings at Village Hall. Trustee Ellen Baca brought up the subject of the breathalyzer at last week’s workshop.

“I am very serious about the subject,” Baca said on Monday morning. “We have a zero tolerance for employees, why couldn’t we as officials lead the community and live by example.” As discussed on Wednesday, the breathalyzer would not be required for people to attend the meeting.

“A good faith gesture,” Sandoval said. “By law we couldn’t enforce it, we would simply give people and officials the opportunity to be tested before the meeting.”

Baca had suggested a resolution. Other officials suggested that they look into the matter to see if a resolution if needed.

“It’s time we expect more from our politicians,” Baca said. “We’d be the first in New Mexico, and maybe the first in the nation, but I think it is a good idea.”

Baca told the Beacon that one of the agenda items on an upcoming Municipal League Conference is drugs and alcohol.

“It’s (drugs and alcohol) all over the place,” Baca said, “we need to do something about it and being a good example is a start.”

Mayor Tom Ortega and Trustee Vivian Brumbelow were absent from the meeting. Trustees George Knotts and Manuel Molina, along with Village Manager Marcella Sandoval and Clerk Theresa Garcia, were at the meeting. Knotts and Molina told Baca the breathalyzer was “a good idea.”

“I wouldn’t have any problem taking a breathalyzer test before a meeting,” Molina said. “I have nothing to hide.”

The discussion item will be on Thursday evening’s regular monthly meeting agenda at 6:30 p.m.

“I’d just like to show the Village of Milan community and its employees that we are the leaders,” Baca said, “and that is no tolerance from all aspects.”

Baca added that she had already spoken about the breathalyzer to fellow Trustee Brumbelow and that she supported the item at monthly meetings.

Other workshop

item of interest:

Trustee Ellen Baca updated other Village of Milan officials of the negotiations between the Milan, the City of Grants and Mount Taylor Addition residents. Baca and Village Manager Marcella Sandoval attended a negotiation meeting between the parties involved on Friday, June 6. The meeting began at 9 a.m. and lasted through 7 p.m.

“We’ve committed to taking care of our portion of the settlement,” Baca told her fellow Trustees.

Baca added that Risk Management will be contributing to the settlement on behalf of Milan and Grants and that Cibola County had no representative at the meeting that could speak of behalf of the county.

“Everybody seems to be blaming the county by their building disturbing the natural acquifer flow,” Baca said. “According to officials it is going to take some pond leak repair, reengineering, condemnation of some property and significant dirt work in order to fix the problem.”

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