It is being called a serious crack down on drunk drivers, and Governor Bobby Jindal is the one hoping to steer the change. 

But some believe his plan could cost you some of your civil liberties.

On Monday, Governor Jindal announced plans to slow down drunk driving in Louisiana, partly by changing state laws dealing with breathalyzer tests.

“The penalties are much more severe if you fail the test than if you refuse the test,” said Jindal.

Which is why, the governor argues, he now wants to make them one in the same.

Currently, refusing a breathalyzer test under suspicion of DWI can result in a 180 day suspension of your driver’s license. If it happens a second time, your license is suspended for 18 months. For your third offense, criminal penalties come into play, the very same ones you would face for a first DWI conviction: up to $1,0000 fine and a maximum of 6 months behind bars.

The governor wants to change all that, making the punishment for refusing a breathalyzer just as severe as failing the sobriety test.

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